Brief History of Queen Of Peace Church

Roman Catholic Church



Father Eugene Nolan appointed Pastor on June 20th. In July title Queen of Peace approved. Property purchased in August included private home which is now rectory.


First Mass celebrated September 10th at Regency Park Apartments – 99 persons in attendance. Ushers were Mr. Martell, Burt and O’Toole.


November 1st – Guild established with Mrs. Adams as president. Holy Name with Mr. Mark Nettles as president.


Rectory was established in an apartment above basement in Regency apartments (Vleigh and 77th Avenue).


Bingo held beginning of December on 141 Street & 78th Avenue in garage.



In July Joseph Mathieu architect hired to draw up plans for new church. August 27th ground broken. Trowel donated by Rita Robinson.


Father Nelson appointed curate in September. Religious instructions taught to children by Fr. Nolan in rectory Mondays 4 pm.


First Mass in new church – Midnight Mass December 24, 1940.



In February choir established under direction of Lillian Puccini.  Passion Play presented in March. Work on terrazzo floor of Church begin in April – polishing completed on April 20th.


On May 1st candidate for priesthood from parish, Mr. Joseph Hahn, received deaconate.


On July 20th Church was dedicated at 11 am Mass by Bishop Molloy. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Martin Fitzpatrick celebrated Confirmation also that day. Rev. Charles E. Hynes was deacon and Joseph Hahn subdeacon. Msgr. J. Clark and Msgr. Robinson was Bishop’s assistants. Msgr. Edmund Reilly as Master of Ceremonies and was assisted by Raymond J. Smith.



On February first mission of parish given by Luke Haye, C.P. In may landscaping done on front and side of Church. 


Rev. Joseph Hahn ordained for Marknoll Community, celebrated first Mass June 20th at 10 am.


Monday evening prayers held for peace and those serving in the armed service with Mass celebrated the first Monday of the month at 7 am for servicemen.


Father Raymond Morgan appointed curate to replace Fr. Nelson.


In Fall chapel built in the basement of the rectory for daily Mass to save fuel in cold weather.


Societies met on regular basis – Young People’s Club, Holy Name, Ladies Guild, Confraternity of High School Students, Girl Scouts and Altar Boys.



First census taken – 700 families.


Masses continued during week in rector chapel – severe oil shortage. Many activities curtailed due to the shortages caused by the war.


In June war memorial unveiled at Main Street and Vleigh Place – Fr. Nolan was guest speaker.



Vote taken to begin parish school – 688 families replied – 237 voted yes. Of these 99 gave pledges amounting to $30,000.


Fifth anniversary of Parish celebrated.


Sisters of St. Joseph began instruction of children on Sunday, October 22, 1944 in preparation of sacraments.



Roof of Church completed with slates in January.


On May 27th Parish celebrated Fr. Nolan’s 25th anniversary.


Committee was formed to develop plans for a Parish school. Pledges for school reached $38,000. Cash received $15,000.


In September religious instruction conducted on Sunday by two Sisters of St. Joseph for all children attending public school.



Pledges for school reached $47,328 and cash $29,455.


Dramatic Society, Holy Name, Ladies Guild, Confraternity and Young People’s Club resumed normal activities.


Novena to Infant Jesus of Prague begun for new school on December 8th.



Children’s choir formed with rehearsals on Tuesdays at 4 pm; adult choir met Tuesdays at 8 pm.


Passion Play continued – 4000 persons attended. First Christmas entertainment put on by children under direction of Sisters of St. Joseph.


Masses continued on weekdays in rectory chapel.



Plans made for the Bazaar. Held in June and netted $13,300.


Father William Burke appointed curate in September.



Tenth year of the Parish. All activities continued.


Confirmation held June 22nd at 4:30 pm.



Drive for pledges for school continued. Daily Mass continued in rectory Chapel.



Holy Name Pilgrimage by parishioners – St. Nicholas, Holy Family, St. Ann and Queen of Peace.


School drive continued. On April 2nd report on school read: General Drive: $54,055, Memorial and Gifts $43,343, gift of friend $3486, professional and business gifts $2,854, cash donation $1858, Pledges: $85,580.  Also Bazaar netted $11,000.


Confirmation administered by new auxiliary Bishop Boardman.



September 29th bulldozer began clearing ground for school.


New rules for fasting before Communion announced – effective January 16th.


Exhibit of new convent furniture at rectory auxiliary house – open to parishioners after Masses during February.



In March (Holy Thursday) Main Altar moved from side of Church to stage area.


Registration for school – grades 1 – 4 in May.


Drive begun to buy pews to replace to auditorium seats in Church. In August contract signed for 1/3 of pews ($1,716) with Great Eastern Seating Co. of Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. Bazaar netted $10,694.


Father Burke transferred to Cure of Ars in Merrick.


September 2nd – Sisters moved into Rectory auxiliary house.


September 14th – school opened in Church. School not completed due to strike by truckmen.  Bus service for school begun on September 21st.



October 3rd – Open House held a new convent: 2 – 5 pm.


October 4th – Sisters move in.


October 24th – Convent and school dedicated by Bishop Molloy.


15th Anniversary of Parish celebrated with dinner dance at Statler-Hilton.


First Saturday evening Mass began in December.


Money for pews reaches goal; collection begin for school yard.



Collection begun to soundproof Chapel in Church. Bishop Kearney administered Confirmation in October.



English translation of Holy Week Service used.  Card party and raffle replace bazaar as major fund raiser. 


Bishop Molloy dies in December.



Parish families registered reach 1,053.


Sister Eucharia, a sister of St. Joseph speaks at Queen of Peace Guild.


New bishop, His Excellency Brian McEntegart, installed in June.


In October, Sister Maura, first principal, died suddenly.  Sister Catherine Veronica appointed as the new principal.


Gold and silver items are collected from parishioners for new monstrance; donated in December.




First graduation held on June 22nd at 3:30 pm in the auditorium. Graduates mass held on Saturday, June 21st at 9 am.


Father Scanlon leaves Queen of Peace – reception held for him in November.



1959 – 1960

Father Nolan ill with pneumonia; recovers and returns to duty. 

Fr. Condren appointed curate.



Little League begun.


Chapel funds reach goal; collection begun for school library.


Soundproofing of Chapel begun in September.



Pope Paul VI elected in June.


Booster Club initiated as major fund raiser.


Trophy sports awards held on September 23rd.


First school book fair held.



Sister Rose of Lima, CSJ appointed principal of school and superior of convent.



Confirmation administered by Bishop Denning in March.


Fr. Condren leaves to become chaplain in Air Force.


In November, Mass begun in Latin and English.


One hour fast before Communion.



Fr. Curley put in charge of Men’s Association and Athletic League.


CYO officially established at Queen of Peace.



Lawrence Racklow, graduate of school, killed in December in Vietnam. 


Sister Anne Regis, CJS appointed principal of school and superior of convent. 


Booster continues as fund raiser- no special events. 


Fr. Nolan retires on June 21st.  Special mass on Sunday evening at 5 p.m. on May 11th.


Msgr. Henry Cosgrove appointed pastor.  Bishop Mugavero appointed bishop in July.    


Pastor, Rt. Rev. Henry P. Cosgrove, Rev. Eugene Nolan, Pastor Emeritus, Curates Rev. Joseph Daly, Rev. James J. Curley. 


Spanish Mass, 11 a.m., Sundays in auditorium.  Sister Ann Regis leaves as principal of school to teach in Mary Louis. Sr. Regina Martin (Nancy Fackner) is appointed in her place.


Brick work on school parapet (77th Rd) repaired for $3,000.  Work on roof, leaders, copper valleys to begin ($2,000); window frames of school and rectory completed ($1,650).


First Parish Council: Martha Kelleher, Herbert Voight, Donald Bucko, Tessa Macaulay, Maureen Cathcart, Edward Rourke, Charles Barbieri, Jack Franchette, David Powell, Louise Mendez, Elizabeth McPartland, Alfred D’Agostino, Robert DiStacy, Warren Boo, John McGrath, John Mitchell, Martin Fisher, Francis McNelis, William Britz, Claire Boo, Alice Kelleher, Renee Finegan, Simma Voight.



Rt. Rev. Henry P. Cosgrove, Pastor, Fr. Nolan, P.E., Cuartes Frs. Daly and Curley. Mass in Spanish at 11 am once a month on second Sunday held in auditorium.


Parish report in February notes a balance of $3,550.78.


Saturday evening mass for Sunday obligation begun March 1st at 6 pm.


Confirmation May 23 – Bishop Mulrooney.


May 24th, Mass offered by Fr. Nolan on occasion of his Golden Anniversary. Reception followed in auditorium.


6:30 am Mass on weekdays changed to 7 am.


Doors and windows of Church repainted in September.  Replastering also done in Church ($3,000).


Parish registration noted at 1,720 with 1,128 using envelope contribution system.


Joseph Crisafrelli ordained September 19th. Mrs. White and Committee served refreshments after Mass.


In July, public address system overhauled.


Possibility of installing Church ceiling ruled out; anticipated cost: $18,000.  Air conditioning also ruled out; anticipated cost of $10,000.


School in jeopardy – deficit $30,000. Msgr. Cosgrove calls school a “burden on the Pastor”.


New lighting fixtures ($2,400) installed week of October 4th.



Nora Quis, rectory housekeeper, retires after 10 years. Mr. Gleason is Choirmaster.


February 1st, 8 pm, meeting with Sisters of St. Joseph regarding limited personnel (Sr. Joan de Lourdes came.)


Fr. Nolan has operation for cancer. June 13th, Msgr. Cosgrove announces his appointment to Diocesan Marriage Tribunal.


Fr. John Reilly appointed Pastor. Installation took place on Friday, June 18th at 7:30 pm.


Mass Attendance between 1,500 – 1,600.  Yearly collection $118,815.



Fr. Reilly, Pastor, Rev. Eugene Nolan, P.E., Curates Fr. Daly and Fr. Curley. Fr. Curley transferred in June to St. Frances Cabrini; farewell mass on June 18th and reception in auditorium. Rev. Philip Barbetta appointed curate.


Financial report notes a deficit in parish budget of $12,675.91. Financial statement – balance of $357.36.


Sexton John Hope dies July 3rd – born and raised in Parish.


Westinghouse Plan program in school.


November 12th, reception of Holy Communion, begun in standing position.


1973, 1974, 1975


No written records retained.



Fr. Reilly, Pastor, and Fr. Pat Stratico continue. Fr. Nolan, P.E.


50+ Club - Fr. Pat Stratico is moderator of CCD. Parish Council met on a regular basis.


Sr. Dolores Ryan appointed in July as principal of school.


Work begun on old Carlton Garden for upgrading to improve neighborhood. Parishioners encouraged to rent. Las Vegas nights held as fund raiser.



In January, Sister Catherine Veronica, former principal and Superior, dies.


Important school meeting held January 19th to discuss whether or not parents wish to keep school open due to dwindling enrollment. Response good!


In February, notice is sent out to test interest in opening a kindergarten at Queen of Peace.


Teen club meets on Fridays.


In May, Julianne Gandasegru and Mr. and Mrs. Owen Byrnes receive CYO Award for Diocese.


Repair of Main Street causes great difficulty on Sundays.


Elections for Parish Council changed to “volunteer” status.  Yolanda Saras becomes president.


Fr. Nolan dies on August 25, 1977.


Sister Anne Thomasine CSJ comes as full time CCD coordinator.


Call for kindergarten continues.CYO Thanksgiving dance in November.


Carlton Gardens renovation completed; renamed Kew Gardens Hills Associates.



Registration for kindergarten for September takes place in January.  Fr. Reilly, Fr. Stratico, Sister Dolores Ryan and Sister Anne Thomasine continue in their roles.


Family square dance held in February.


Ceil Szalkowski, president of 50+ receives Caritas Award. Parish Council continues – Ed Rourke, president.


October 22, the 25th anniversary celebration for the school; 12:15 Mass. Former faculty members of Sisters of St. Joseph attend – Sr. Agnes, Marie Scanlon, Carmelite Maria, Barbara Goodwin, Mariline Therese and Mirian Lucille.



Parish is 40 years old. First celebration of the Festival of Three Kings celebrated on Sunday, January 7th.


School flourishing; waiting lists for grades 3, 5, 6, 7. As of September, all classes in school are filled.


Registered parishioners 849; with 614 using envelopes.


April 16th, work begun on steps at Church entrances ($6,000). Church roof repaired in July ($7,236.49.)


June 13th – Mass of Thanksgiving celebrated at 7:45 pm for Fr. Reilly’s 40th anniversary of ordination; reception followed at the auditorium. John Broom is leader of song and Edward LaPlant III as organist.


Extraordinary Ministers installed for first time.



First year of Parish Dinner Theater directed by Sister Dolores Ryan. Camelot was presented on April 26th; tickets $10.50.


Summer school of Religion held July 8 – 24 directed by Patricia Murphy – 2nd grade teacher.


Cups and Flagons for wine at Mass donated by Corcoran, Darmstad and Kraus Families.


In September, Sr. Barbara Doyle receives Catechetical award for her work in training children to read at Mass and working with the children’s choir.



Second Dinner Theater held April 5-12th.  “Ten Little Indians” directed by Sister Dolores Ryan and Sr. Barbara Doyle; tickets $15.


Advent prayer evenings held in convent chapel conducted by Sr. Dolores Ryan.


Confirmation in June by Bishop Mulrooney.


Summer Religion Program during July run by Sr. Dolores, Sr. Barbara, Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Ferreiro, Mrs. Shelley and Mrs. Kaufman.


In July exterior of church painted. Kitchens of convent and rectory also painted. Nine windows replaced in school.



Third Dinner Theater held March 20-27th – Brigadoon; tickets $15.


Communion in Hand begun in Queen of Peace. 


Summer programs conducted by Sister Barbara Doyle.  Prayer, sports, arts and crafts were available to children. 

Children’s Theatre, “Diary of Anne Frank” Presented of Sept. 19 directed by Sister Barbara. 


Plans begun for opening of Pre-kindergarten for September 1983.


“Sound of Music” presented at the Annual Dinner Theatre.  During Lent, evenings of prayer on Mondays conducted by Sister-Dolores Ryan in convent chapel. 


Confirmation- April 18 administered by Bishop Valero.  Holy Year opened on March 25th to continue through Easter in 1984


Sister Anne Thomasine dies suddenly the day after Confirmation.  Sister Mary Ann Cornell a Sister of Charity, assumes the ministry in September. 


New Boiler installed in church and school. 


In December, Father Reilly announces his retirement after 12 years as Pastor of Queen of Peace.  Monsignor Celsus Collini named Pastor. 


January 27, Msgr. Collini installed as pastor by Bishop Mugavero at 5:30 p.m. mass. 


Msgr. Celsus Collini, Pastor, Rev. John C. Reilly, Pastor Emeritus, Rev. Ralph Capputo, Parochial Vicar.


Annual Dinner Theatre – “Fiddler on the Roof” – Tickets $17.50


Pipes in the auditorium floor are replaced. 


Trees in the school yard removed. 


Mass and Reception for Sister Mary Ann Cornell’s 25th Jubilee Mass on May 19th at 7:45 p.m.


Windows in Blessed Sacrament Chapel repaired. 


School Yard Repaved during August ($8,000) A & G Home Improvement Co.  Sister Barbara Doyle leaves to assume post of youth minister at St. William the Abbot in Seaford, L.I.


Plastic ¼”shield placed on all windows in church.  All broken glass replaced etc.  ($15,475)


Church vandalized in September - Chalices taken – Blessed Sacrament desecrated.  Alarm System in convent and Church. 


In December, hallway tiles in school redone  ($4,500)


February 2 at 12:15 pm, parish celebrated Sr. Dolores Ryan’s 40th anniversary as a Sister of St. Joseph. A dinner followed in auditorium.


Youth Center established by Fr. Ralph Caputo.


Annual Dinner Theatre – “King and I” directed by Sr. Dolores Ryan and Jeane Gieckel. Joan Overton – Music Coordinator and director of CCD.


Work on Church roof done in May. During July the switchboard panel in panel in church was replaced. Brick work on church and school were done. Classrooms painted in summer. Plans underway for renovation of church and sanctuary. Preliminary sketches available for perusal by parishioners. New hymn books replace old ones.


Mr. Birone, sacristan, dies suddenly.


First weekend retreat for Confirmation children held in Brentwood – October 24-26.


Joan Overton leaves – Father Ralph Caputo becomes director of Religion Instruction.


Diocesan CYO Soccer Championship won by Rookie Soccer Team with John Della Marco as coach.



Dinner Theater “HMS Pinafore”, March 28 and April 4th. Youth Center continues under direction of Father Caputo.


In March, energy lights installed in auditorium ($2,500) and Iron Works repaired gates and fences. In July, oil tanks tested for leakage – no problems noted. Auditorium walls washed and curtain cleaned. Auditorium floor re-tiled in late August. New hot water tank in convent ($12,000.)


Second weekend retreat for Confirmation children held in Brentwood – October 16-18.


Easter attendance 1,800.



Youth Center continues. “Music Man” is presented as annual dinner theater.


Planning begins in February for 50th Anniversary Celebration includes complete renovation of the Church. Committee formed. D’Ambrosio Arts Studio commissioned to renovation work. Work begun on June 20th. Memorials requested.

Air conditioning system installed. Mass celebrated in convent chapel on weekdays and in auditorium on Sundays during renovation.


On December 10th, Pre-Anniversary Party held to begin the 50th Anniversary Celebration.


Confirmadi go to Haverstraw for retreat October 21-23.



June – 50th Anniversary of Parish

 Annual Dinner Dance - "Oliver" is presented


Msgr. Collini retired.


In September, Rev. Ralph Caputo appointed Pastor.



January - Father James Tighe appointed Pastor.


June – Father Reilly’s 90th Birthday.


August – Father Reilly passed away.



June – Queen of Peace School closed.


June – Msgr. Collini celebrates his 60th Anniversary of Ordination.